Western Data started in Riverside more than two decades ago helping small business owners understand how computers and business telephone systems could increase productivity. Today many people are tech savvy, but there is an even greater need to understand how all this technology can work for you. It's the art of leveraging tech to make work more efficient and enjoyable that really makes our experience stand out. Our goal is to understand how you do business so that we can support environments and not just equipment.

Managed Services/ Outsourced IT

Western Data's IT outsourcing services are custom fit to meet the needs of each individual client. Our clients are given our full, undivided attention. Western Data acts as an extension of your team. Because we're local to Southern California, your company receives both the cost savings of outsourcing and in most cases the availability of same-day on-site support.


Structured Wiring


Companies are always changing, but your business equipment will always need reliable connections. If it's a completely new facility that lacks adequate data and voice cabling or just relocating a few users to new work areas, Western Data can install and support all forms of network connectivity. Fiber, traditional copper, and even high capacity managed wireless networks will keep you connected for years to come. Our project staff will work with your design team to make sure every phase of the installation is accurate and complete.

Repair Services

We all want our investments to last- but at some point your equipment will need repair. Western Data is proud to have been repairing computers, tablets, monitors, and printers for Southern California business and school districts for over 20 years. We are the exclusive repair facility for the Riverside Community College District as well as for dozens of local manufacturers and medical offices.


From a single computer to your corporate email server, we can get you back online quickly with a well stocked in-house repair facillity and highly experienced staff.

Telephone Systems

Most people would rather use their cell phone than a business desk phone. Why? location independence. You used to have to be there to receive direct and transferred calls. Today's systems work the way you do. Intelligent find-me/ follow-me features allow users to break the tether to their desk. Android and iOS applications put your office extension right in your pocket. Make and take calls as if you were sitting at your desk- all using the company phone numbers- not your personal one.


New VoIP systems let businesses take advantage of lower cost internet based lines. Even if your present system is working, you may be able to save enough on your monthly bill to have all of the newest features for no additional costs.

Surveillance Systems

These days business surveillance isn't an option, it's a necessity. Costly inventory losses, workplace accidents, and concerns about public safety require vigilant risk management. With centralized monitoring from your home office to mobile viewing, today's IP-based camera systems offer high definition recording and playback across local networks and the internet.


There are even higher definition options to upgrading your existing coax cabled systems without the cost of re-wiring or converting to network cameras.

Mobile Device Management

Tablets and laptops are everywhere in business. The problem is how to manage so many devices that are rarely in your office. Software compliance, email configurations, system maintenance, or just keeping everything up to date- it's a logistical nightmare.


Western Data partners with IBM/ MaaS 360 to provide state-of-the-art remote management for all mobile platforms. Create custom app catalogs for users. Restrict personal storage and data leaks. Lock and restore devices immediately when lost or stolen. You will never again have to touch a tablet, laptop, or phone to have complete control.