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Telephone Systems and VoIP

Most people would rather use their cell phone than a business desk phone. Why? Location independence. You used to have to be there to receive direct and transferred calls. Today's systems work the way you do. Intelligent find-me/ follow-me features allow users to break the tether to their desk. Android and iOS applications put your office extension right in your pocket. Make and take calls as if you were sitting at your desk- all using the company phone numbers- not your personal one.


New VoIP systems let businesses take advantage of lower cost internet based lines. Even if your present system is working, you may be able to save enough on your monthly bill to have all of the newest features for no additional costs.

Some Benefits of a VoIP:

On Premise VoIP Saves Businesses Money

Saving money is one of the most important features of an on premise VoIP phone system. Legacy systems that use conventional lines were expensive. Setup was intrusive, reconfiguring required time and physical system changes, and maintenance and repairs could be quite expensive.

But with new IPPBX VoIP systems, you not only save on the costs of installation, calls themselves are significantly less expensive. If your business makes a lot of long distance calls, IPPBX VoIP phone systems offer the savings you need to have a great phone system that will pay for itself in lower operational costs.

Scales Up or Down Easily

It's not always easy to predict how many phones you'll need over the next year, and if you have a traditional phone system, you have to estimate carefully to avoid spending money on phone lines you won't use.

All this goes away with VoIP Telephone systems. With VoIP for your business, you can add a line as soon as you add a new employee, and when an employee leaves, you can easily reassign or remove the line. You always have the right number of phone lines for your needs.

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